WARC has been a great partner in the maintenance of my property through mesquite control. There is only so much Kaye and I can do to maintain the property. WARC’s workdays have been critical to keeping the mesquite under control. It is a never ending fight to keep the property in show case condition for club and national events. There are fewer and fewer public areas where dog field events can be held. It’s through the partnership with Waterloo that our property has been chosen twice for national events- 2009 Master National and 2020 National Retriever Championship. A few club members have taken it upon themselves to groom the properties on a continuous basis. Kaye and I could not do it by ourselves.

Thanks, Roger Fuller


I'm an out of towner... visiting TX during the winter months so I could get some dog training done. Embraced by all the dog folks in Waterloo. Made many good friends. A fun group in which there is a lot of dog wisdom!

Jeannette McHugh


While we lived in TN, we had a lot of places nearby where we could train our dogs. When we moved back to Texas, we chose to live in Kerrville.
Unfortunately we were not successful in our search for training places and partners in this area.

But we were fortunate in that we had known some WARC members for many years. We contacted them about training opportunities and they suggested we join them for training. We soon determined that we wanted to be active members of this club. They welcomed us into the group and we are so thankful.

We drive the 3 hrs one way for the training days every time it's possible. The training grounds and members are worth every minute of
drive time.

We are also thankful that we can be active in a club culture. Thank you WARC.

Sheila and the Boyz

I have only been out a few times when I joined. I have been working extra (Firefighter) since the COVID came to town. I really enjoyed everyone and how the training's I attended let you set up to your own liking, even though Master and Senior dogs would run. It is hard to find places to train besides the Waterloo days, especially places that have water. I have my 2 year old and hopefully in the fall will run juniors with her.
I also have two 6 month old pups and want to get them started as well. I am curious what videos I can check out from the library or what anyone recommends (books). Everyone I have met has been wonderful so far. I hope to get out again soon when able.

Ram Beck