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(listed by book author)


American Chessie Club
Basic Training for Your Retriever - (5th rev.ed.1991)
Early training, steadying, marking, blinds
Beckett, Diana
The Labrador Retriever - (1993)
Cassity, Carol
Building a Retriever - (nd)
Drills & More - 2 copies
Dahl, John & Amy
The 10 Minute Retriever - (2001)
How to make an obedient & enthusiastic gun dog in 10 min a day
Dobbs & Woodyard
Tri-Tronics Retriever Training - (1993)
Go-Stop-Come drills & others. Good diagramming. Does not follow an order of progression for training.


Ducks Unlimited
Labs Afield - (2000)
Hunting with America's favorite retriever. Color pictures throughout
Graham, Evan
Smart Fetch - (ND)
Heel, sit, here, fetch, FTP, water force
Smart Work Vol 1 - (ND)
Basics & Transition - 2 copies
Smart Work, Vol 2 - (ND)
Secrets of the Pros - 2 copies
Knott & Cooper
The Complete Handbook of Dog Training - (1994)
Competition obedience training: Novice, Open, Utility


Lamb Free, James
Training Your Retriever, 7th ed. - (1980)
Two copies
Lardy, Mike
Total Retriever Training, Field Manual - (1995)
Total Retriever Marking, Field Manual - (1998)
Loveland & Rutherford
Retriever Puppy Training - (1988)
Pre e-collar training strategies
McCarty, Diane
Labrador Retrievers - (1983)
Milner, Robert
Retriever Training, A Back to Basics Approach - (2000)
Retriever Training for the Duck Hunter - (1985)


Moxin, P.R.A.
Gundogs: Training & FTs - (1996)
British Method
Quinn, Tom
Working Retrievers - (1983)
Derby training, FF, steadiness, blinds, hunting, qualifying stake
Robinson, Jerome B
Training the Hunting Retriever - (1992)
Foundation training for the field. Focus on companion dog hunting.
Spencer, James
Retriever Training Tests - (1997)
Spencer is always quality reading
Walters, DL
Training Retrievers to Handle - (1979)
Walking baseball, 3-leg, 5- leg, pattern drills land/water


Walters, DL
Training Retrievers to Handle
 - (1979)
2nd copy in inventory
Retriever Working Certificate Training - (1986)
…for the Golden Retriever breed
White, Mitch
Gamekeepers Retrievers Field Manual - (ND)
Gamekeepers Retrievers Master Class - (ND)



- A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Care & Training
Andy Attar
- Transition Stage: Handling
Evan Graham
- Basic Handling
Bill Hillmann
- Training a Retriever Puppy
- Electric Collar [using] “Soft Collar” Method…
- The Fetch Command
- Traffic Cop
- Fundamentals, Part 1 Land
- Fundamentals, Part 2 Water
Jackie Mertens
- Sound Beginnings


Mike Stewart
- The Wildrose Way Retriever Training

Retriever Journal

Primary contributors: Lardy, Farmer, Lamb, Dahl, Jurney, Goodwin, Hickox

Retriever Journal 2004

Oct/Nov V10#1
Goodwin – Anticipating the Three D’s (Dangers, Distractions, Dumb Moves)
Hickox – That First Bang (introduction of gun)
Lardy – Getting Started on Multiple Marks
Lamb – Accent on Training Drills
Jan/Feb V9#2
Lardy – Improving Your Dog’s Water Attitude
Hickox – Breaking on the Shot
Mar/Apr V9#3
Lardy – Generalizing (a must for field performance)
Lamb – Advanced Yard Drills: Wagon Wheel
Burleson – Training Your Retriever in the Dark
Apr/May V9#4
Lardy - Ten Tips to Improve Short Bird Marking
Lamb – A Close Look at Bugging (avoidance)
Graham – Swim-By (4 diagrams)
June/July V9#5
Dahl – Decreasing Marking Confusion
Keldsen – Remote Sit Down & Release Training
Jurney – Importance of Pattern Blinds
Lamb – Training for Hunting
Lardy – Marking Drills (4 diagrams)


Aug/Sept V9#6
Lardy – A Training Curriculum Outline (Flow Chart)
Dahl – Breaking & Steadying
Lamb – Training for Big Water


Retriever Journal 2005

Oct/Nov V11#1
Lardy – A Guideline for Poison Birds
Goodwin – (Upland) A Different Slant on Quartering
Dec/Jan V10#2
Lardy – Direct & Indirect Pressure (cheating single example)
Lamb – Handling into Water Drill
Hickox – Vibration Training
Feb/Mar V10#3
Lardy – Staying on Topic (common error: training w multiple corrections on different concepts)
Dahl – E-Collar-less
Keldsen – An E-Collar Primer
Lamb – Tune-Up Drills
Apr/May V10#4
Lardy – Evaluating Retriever Talent
Graham- Walking Baseball Fundamentals
June/July V10#5
Lardy – Training with Birds
Goodwin – Avoiding Gun Shyness
Potter – (Upland) Remote Sit Training: The Whoa Post


Aug/Sept V10#6
Lardy – The Lost Art of the Bird in the Water
Keldsen – Overcoming Training Mistakes

Retriever Journal 2006

Oct/Nov V12#1
Lardy – Advanced Marking Progression, Pt II (indented triple, water quad)
Lamb – A Tactic for Cripples
Keldsen – Bank Running
Dec2005/Jan2006 V11#2
Lardy- Training with Less Pressure
Hickox – Variable Reinforcement
Keldsen – FF: What Your Dog is Telling You Through the Process & How to React
Goodwin – Meat Dogs
Dahl – The Bold Trainer vs the Conservative Trainer
Feb/Mar V11#3
Hickox – Too Much Pressure
Goodwin – Dealing with Decoys
Smith – Is Looking Learning? (dogs watching other dogs)
Dahl – 10 Things to Teach Your Dog
Lamb – Go For the Bird (Carr philosophy: “go as sent”)
Apr/May V11#4
Lardy – On Marking
Dahl – Going Straight
Goodwin – Kicking the Cigaring Habit (how retrievers hold the bumper)
Keldsen – Performance Evaluation
Lamb – About Blind Retrieves (blind drills)
2005 Master Nat’l pics (Bruce Bachert pic)
June/July V11#5
Lardy – Marking Mechanics
Keldsen – Time to Look in the Mirror (viewings handling skills from dog’s perspective
Goodwin – (Upland) Whoa…
Potter – Training Problems
Lamb – Double T
Dahl – How to Use the Sound of Gunfire to Your Greatest Advantage


Aug/Sept V11#6
Lardy – Advanced Marking Progression
Keldsen – Hard to Find Blinds

Retriever Journal 2007

Oct/Nov V13#1
Lardy – Advanced Blind Progression
Goodwin – Remote Drop
Dec2006/June2007 V12#2
Lardy – Here, Handle, or Help
Lamb – Indoor Training
Feb/Mar2007 V12#3
Lardy – Trends in Field Trial Marking Tests
Cassity Walk-Away Marks
Dahl – The Ideal Retriever
Lamb – Mouth Problems
Goodwin – Tone Trainin
April/May2007 V12#4
Lardy – On Blinds
Keldson – Style vs Control
Schultz – The 10 Best Ways to Ruin Your New Puppy
Sinclair – It All Starts at the Truck
Dahl – The Long Swim
Potter – Marking Off the Gu
June/July2007 V12#5
Lardy – Blind Mechanics
Dahl – Some Thoughts on Blind
Jurney – Round Three (steadying drill, bucket drill, casting drill)
Potter – (Upland) Hunt for the Gun (training dog to quarter)
Goodwin – Is Your Dog Really Ready for Force Fetch?
Cassity – Swish Drill


Aug/Sept2007 V12#6
Dahl – Mid-Life Maintenance
Lardy – Advanced Training & Factors (wind, water, terrain, cover, diversions)
Lamb – Necessary Skills (figure eight, pendulum heeling)
Keldson – Straight Lines Straight from the Start

Retriever Journal 2008

Oct/Nov2008 V14#1
Lardy – My Advice(general suggestions to help you reach training goals)
Goodwin – FF On the Training Table, Pt2: Toe Hitch
Lamb – Analysis on Shore-Breaking
June/July2007/2008 V13#2
Lardy – Use of Pressure for Casting Errors in Advanced Blind Training
Lamb – Surprise Birds (wipeout,bird-in-face,bulldog,bird from behind
Apr/May2008 V13#4
Lardy – Note-Taking for Retriever Training
Keldsen – How is Your Pup Progressing?
Carpenter – When to Call a Pro
Goodwin – Circle Drill (wagon-wheel, lining)
Hickox – The First Six Months
June/July2008 V13#5
Lardy – Problem Solving: Popping
Goodwin – The Training Table
Keldsen – Oops! What to do After You Mess Up (reading dog behavior)
Aug/Sept2008 V13#6
Goodwin – FF on the Training Table, Pt1: Teaching Hold
Hickox – Building Confidence
Lamb – Trialing Success



Retriever Journal 2009

Oct/Nov2009 V15#1
Lardy – After Collar-Conditioning
Lamb – Urban Training
Hickox – Upland Training with E-Collars
Dec/Jan2008/2009 V14#2
Lardy – My Advice (start early, teach pup how to learn)
Feb/Mar2009 V14#3
Lardy – Basic Obedience
Lamb – Training & Pressure
Dahl – Making Most of an Oops(understanding mistakes & what to do)
Potter – Noise Issues
Apr/May2009 V14#4
Hickox – Excessive Barking
Lardy – Force Fetch
Dahl – Making the Most of an Ooops
Lamb – Urban Training 101
Potter – Conditioned Response for Dogs & People
June/July2009 V14#5
Lardy – Stick Fetch & Simple Casting
Dahl – Mistakes: Delivery
Potter – Puppies & Birds: Mistakes
Lamb – Mistakes: Popping & Slipping Whistles
Hickox – Compliance to Commands
Goodwin – Mistakes: Handling Problems & Stopping on Casts


Aug/Sept2009 V14#6
Lardy – Collar Conditioning
Hickox – Identifying the Behavior (association,i.d.of behavior b4 corr)

Retriever Journal 2010

Oct/Nov2010 V16#1
Lardy – Water Cheating
Dahl – Can Marking Be Taught?
Goodwin – Force or Correction? Reconditioning the Dog’s Mind
Lamb – Force Fetch & the Six Week Factor
Dec2009/Jan2010 V15#2
Lardy – Pile Work
Feb/Mar2010 V15#3
Lardy – Double T
Lamb – Just Sit
Goodwin – The Over-Looked Command (leave it)
Apr/May2010 V15#4
Lardy – Swim-By
Goodwin – Defusing Bird-Possessive Aggression
Lamb – Less-Tricity for Hee
June/July2010 V15#5
Lardy – Pattern Blinds
Hickox – (upland) The Process of Steadying for Wing & Shot
Potter – Behavior Patterns & Training
Lamb – Less-Tricity for Recal


Aug/Sep2010 V15#6
Lardy – More Transition
Lamb – Less-Tricity: Advanced Recall & Remote Sit


Retriever Journal 2011

Oct/Nov V17#1
Lardy – Problem Solving: Vocalization & Looking Up
Goodwin – Playground Duty (using P equipment to build up dog’s trust)
Dahl – How Gun Dogs Mark
Hickox – (upland) Blinking Birds
Dec2010/Jan2011 V16#2
Lardy – Drills for the Transition(wagon wheel, nono, 8-handed casting)
Lamb – Looking at Force on “Back”
Hickox – Dogs Learn Like Dogs(into dog’s mind to help trainer succeed)
Feb/Mar2011 V16#3
Lardy – Advanced Training & the Factors
Lamb – Wind Resistance
Hickox – (upland) Contrast (reward, punishment, consistency
Apr/May2011 V16#4
Lardy – Steadiness
Hickox (upland) The Four Sins [of Training]
June/July2011 V16#5
Lardy – Introduction to Retired & Hidden Guns
Goodwin – Good Kenneling – Invaluable to Good Training
Potter – What Pointing Dogs Can Teach Us About Retrievers
Lamb – Recognition & Repetition in Line Drills
Hickox – (upland) Correcting Your Do


Aug/Sept2011 V16#6
Lardy – Guidelines for Corrections
Lamb – Blind Over Mind (the importance of them)


Retriever Journal 2012

Oct/Nov2012 V17#1
Lardy – Strategies for Advanced Marking
Johnson – (Upland) Tracking, Pt.1
Dec2011/Jan2012 V17#2
Lardy – Problem Solving: Bird Handling & Whistle Refusals
Dahl – Cheating
Lamb – Marking: Practical Note
Feb/Mar2012 V17#3
Lardy – Problem Solving: Popping
Goodwin – Drop! A Quick Fix that Really Works
Lamb – Selection & Fine Points
Apr/May2012 V17#4
Lardy – Returning to Pile Work for Problem Solving
Goodwin – Obedience: Change the Point of Contact
Dahl – Judging (Evaluating) Puppie
June/July2012 V17#5
Lardy – 10 Easy Steps to Improve Your Dog’s Attitude on Blinds
Goodwin – Walking Single


Aug/Sep2012 V17#6
Lardy – Following Through After Correction
Goodwin – A Shot of Steadiness


Retriever Journal 2013

Oct/Nov2013 V19#1
Jurney – (Upland) Let the Training Begin, Pt.1
Farmer – More Marking
Goodwin – Force Fetch
Dec/Jan2013 V18#2
Stewart – Lining Through Cover (Drill Diagrams)
Johnson – Tracking: Water, Pt.
June/July2013 V18#5 – Available
Aug/Sept2013 V18#6
Jurney – [how your pup gets] Good Citizenship
Dahl – Training Two Dogs
Farmer – Beginning Marking
Hickox – Developing Tracking Skill


Retriever Journal 2014

Oct/Nov2014 V20#1
Farmer – Water-Force & Swim-By
Jurney – (Upland) Teaching Steadiness to Wing & Shot & Fall
Hickox – (Nutrition) Pre/Post Hunt Strategies to Optimize Performance
Dec/Jan2014 V19#2
Jurney – (Upland) Let the Training Begin, Pt.2
Dahl – When Training Doesn’t Go According to Plan(approaching probs)
Farmer – Beginning Doubles
Feb/Mar2014 V19#3
Jurney – (Upland) Let the Training Begin, Pt.3
Dahl – Cheating Revisited
Farmer – Introducing Retired Guns
Apr/May2014 V19#4
Jurney – (Upland) [Using] an E-Collar on Your Dog, Pt.1
Dahl – Developing a Puppy
Farmer – Adding Complications
Goodwin – Silent Signals(hand signals,body language)
June/July2014 V19#5
Jurney – (Upland) [Using] an E-Collar on Your Dog, Pt.2
Farmer – Handling


Aug/Sept2014 V19#6
Jurney – (Upland) A Happy Upland Hunter
Dahl – Training Alone
Farmer – Into the Water (marking)
Goodwin – The Overlooked Command (Leave-It & Selective Fetching)


Retriever Journal 2015

Feb/Mar2016 V21#3
Farmer – Problems on the Line During Marking
Jurney – (Upland) Whistle Stop & Single-T
Hickox – (Upland) Eight to Twenty Weeks of Age
Hickox – (Upland) A Training Blueprint for an Upland Retriever
Apr/May2016 V21#4
Farmer – Problems in the Field During Marking
Dahl – Drive: Too Much, Too Little
Jurney – (Upland) Correcting a Dog’s Wrong Casts
Hickox – (Upland) Developing Drive in the Upland Retrieve
June/July2015 V20#5
Dahl – Marking Tests & Training
Jurney – (Upland) Expanding Force Fetch
Farmer – Advanced Water Setups
Goodwin – Don’t Just Treat the Symptoms, Cure the Disease (avoidance, creeping, breaking)
Aug/Sep2015 V20#6
Jurney – (Upland) Is Your Dog Ready for Handling?
Farmer – Drills & Setups to Improve Marking






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