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Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club
Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club

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Mock Hunt Test Seminar
May 1 & 2, 2021
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 Learn from the Pros, Rody Best and J.C. Strange present a Mock Hunt Test
Improve your hunt test skills

Meeting Notice

Monthly meetings are held using the ZOOM virtual meeting platform.

Welcome to the Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club

We are an AKC licensed club and a community of retriever owners with a common interest in hunt tests, field trials, and hunting retrievers. Our club's members are based out of the Austin, Round Rock, and surrounding areas.

  The club gathers during the month for training days, hosts two AKC sanctioned hunt tests annually, sponsors Professional training clinics, snake avoidance seminars and other retriever related events.

  The Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club hosts monthly meetings to discuss upcoming events, club business, and to educate members on retriever topics ranging from veterinary health to retriever training of all levels. We welcome anyone interested in gaining more knowledge about retriever related events, retriever training, and hunt tests.

  For more information or questions, please contact the club's President or email info@waterloo-retriever.com

Board Members

President -
Casey Pelton
Vice President -
Joseph Syring
Secretary -
Rick Farleigh
Treasurer -
Bob Neipert
Member at Large -
Stephanie Ayres 


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WARC Training is back

We are following safe and responsible practices
according to AKC guidelines as follows:

WARC COVID – 19 Guidelines

These guidelines are a subset of the AKC
Hunt Test, State, and Local guidelines
and are here for your protection.
  You are responsible for your safety and the safety of those at this WARC event.

1. If you are sick, have a fever, not feeling well, or have been in contact with an individual with COVID-19 infections,  DO NOT ATTEND THE WARC EVENT, stay home.

2. Practice personal distancing consistent with local guidelines ( 6 + ft)

3. Avoid shaking hands or hugging

4. Bring your own personal hand wash/disinfectant - wash/clean your hands regularly

5. Bring your own food, snacks, water, beverages

6. Bring your own chair

7. Consider wearing a face covering when in close proximity of others

8. Wear gloves and disinfect equipment you use, i.e. dummy gun, ATV, bird crates, etc. 

9. If you have a health issue that may make you more susceptible to infections - take personal extra precautions or do not attend the event.

10. These suggested best practices are only guidelines and may change without notice.  All attendees are asked to take all necessary precautions in order that everyone feels safe while enjoying the event.


Please be respectful of others and their concerns 
as we get back in the field.


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